Ruth Hurdle

Location #22
64 Goldfinch Crescent, Tiny
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Ruth Hurdle is a painter, muralist and educator.  Ruth Hurdle is both self-taught and has studied with numerous professional artists. Ruth has been dedicating herself to her profession for over 18 years.  

My work often involves the land as it is a constant inspiration.   Landscapes combine two of my favourite things:  paint and the environment.  Currently I am trying to push my boundaries to a more expressive style although the theme is always recognizable.  My skills have been honed through realistic portraiture and mural painting.  Every piece of art is a learning experience. 

I am driven by my innate passion for paint as a medium, the colour, the way it moves and blends.  I never cease to be amazed by the satisfaction I feel when I work with paint.  

Phone:  705-549-2228 or 705-528-2249

Little Brother - Ruth Hurdle