Marj Dubeau

Location #19
55 Balm Beach Rd East, Perkinsfield (click for directions)
Co-Host with Ken Dubeau
Guest: Laura Randall

Marj Dubeau began exploring her muse for photographer prior to the arrival of digital photography. Her focus on the shorelines, landscapes, flora and fauna of Georgian Bay and Northern Ontario have earned her a place as a popular Canadiana Photo Artist. Her work has hung in galleries in North Bay, Penetanguishene as well in her own home gallery. Marj was also chosen to be official photographer for the 2015 Ontario Scotties and for the Ministry of Francophone Affairs. Her photography has been featured on the 2014 & 2015 cover of the Southern Georgian Bay Tourist Guide, CD covers, “Festival Of The Bay” Program as well as in local businesses and restaurants. She believes in giving back to her community and does so by donating pieces for fundraising, sharing her knowledge with students at Le Caron and fellow members of photo clubs. She is a participant of the Bay Tour, First Light and Coldwater and Area Studio Tour. 

The past couple of years she has been hard at work establishing her business as a photographer. She enjoys that Midland and North Bay photo clubs challenge her to step out of her comfort zone as a photographer and have fun. Her membership in several art groups keeps her involved in the art community. 

Marj is thrilled to have her gallery as part of The Bay Studio Tour for a fourth year. Joining Marj again this year will be her husband Ken with his unique woodwork.

Phone: 705-529-2196
Facebook: MarjDubeauPhotography