Jake McCall

Location  #17: 10 Nottawaga Drive, Tiny

Until 8 years ago I hadn’t touched pencil or paint since childhood, with all my adult life spent in strategic planning and innovation, in Europe and N America, although I did sculpt as a hobby through those business years, in wood and papier maché.

Then, on a complete whim, I took a week’s portrait class in graphite, loved it, wound my company down over the course of the next year, and took to art. Years 1 and 2 were spent ‘apprenticing’ in studying the body and anatomy, taking every Open Life session available, first in charcoal and then in pastels    In this process I learned to love hands and feet which are far more interesting than may be apparent, and to which I will return another day.

Then on to watercolour, and to my first love which must reflect my childhood spent in and around Liverpool docks:  water, waves, boats in general and tugs and trawlers in particular. Occasionally I stray into landscape and portraits, but the sea and water and waves are always there.    

Phone: 705-533-3181 or 416-525-9218
Email: jake.mccall00@gmail.com