Location #17
9 Forest Road, Tiny

Eileen Egerton Lampard’s narrative paintings have a sense of the surreal and fantasy. The present series is called ‘Flood Series’ depicting islands full of future- like dwellings, which are for the most part deserted. The imagined time is the last decade of the 21st century where the effect of climate change and breakup of civilization as we know it today. Her interest in reading and writing speculative fiction influences this series of paintings.

Acrylic paint is applied on canvas or wooden panels.  Her art work has a use of strong colour and creating a feeling of being constructed, which is achieved by layering. Compositions usually begin with manipulated brushstrokes of raw umber colour from which the images emerge.

Her art work has always been individualistic belonging to no particular school, but influenced by Saskatchewan painters and study of art history.  Although far removed from the orange roofs of Cezanne and Pissarro, these landscapes come to her mind when painting the ’Flood Series’.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. Her work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Saskatchewan, and locally at the Quest Gallery in Midland.

Eileen's paintings are in private collections in Saskatchewan, England and locally.

Email: eilampard@yahoo.ca
(705) 361-3650
9 Forest Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L 2J0